Thank you for the opportunity to introduce Zaria Studios to you. We are passionate about telling the beautiful stories of our clients through exquisite photographs. Our commitment to excellence in the art of wedding photography has earned us the highest accolades from our clients. From the first meeting all the way to your printed wedding photo album, we thrive on creating the high quality experience that your special day deserves. We we would be honored to tell your story!


What sets Zaria Studios apart from other wedding photography studios?

1. We are committed in conducting your wedding with utmost
diligence, care and attention to detail.

2. Our in-house post-production is a hallmark specialty of Zaria
Studios, personally handled by founder Oliver Barth. Each
photograph is individually color processed and edited to
produce our coveted signature look.

3. Zaria Studios is composed of a team of highly skilled,
talented photographers.

4. We love what we are doing, and it shows. Our passion of
telling our clients story in the most beautiful and
authentic way possible is what drives us.



Zaria Studios was founded in 2015 by Oliver Barth. Oliver has been in the wedding photography industry for 5 years, and is know for his non-invasive, elegant way of documenting weddings. In combination with his signature post-production technique Oliver creates exquisite photographs that are unique and exquisite.

Born and raised in Berlin (Germany), Oliver has been interested in the art of photography since his childhood days. After moving to Los Angeles, Oliver worked under Cheyenne Ellis one of the leading life-style photographer in the US. Today, Oliver divides his time photographing romantic weddings all over the US and traveling the world with his wife.



Chris HS


Chris Chandler graduated from the Brooks Institute of Photography with adegree in commercial advertising. Over the years he has worked with and learned from some of the worlds best Photographers including Mark Seliger, Jill Greenberg & Annie Leibovitz. His work has been published in French Vogue, as well as the covers of Naturally and Santa Barbara Magazine. Chris: “What I love the most about shooting weddings is getting to meet each couple and their family’s. Every wedding is a new story filled with new faces in a unique settings.”



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